Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Damaged Pond

Our pond on July 28, 2009

Our pond on September 7, 2009

Muskrats are the possible cause of our pond's water disappearing, believe it or not. The animals are new in the area over the last few years. According to the city's park department, they have damaged the clay lining of the pond, which allowed water to seep slowly away.

I have been noticing the decreased water but blaming drought like conditions here.

In the meantime, the park department has come in and cut down all the brush, the young trees, and the rushes, and drained more of the water. They will be repairing the clay liner. Then rains and winter snows will fill our beauty back to its lush self. It will be interesting to watch.

Many of my piano families walk this pond while a child has lessons. You can make it from my house around the trail and back in 22-27 minutes, depending on your walking speed and whether there are ducklings, goslings, or frogs to investigate. My hope is that all these things return. The big change in their habitat makes me wonder where did they go for now?


  1. We don't have many Muskrats out here in upper northern California. I wonder where they have gone?

  2. I'm no expert, but I'll bet the wildlife will return. But I know the feeling, in a way--we should have our pond dredged, but I'm concerned about what that would do to the wildlife there.

  3. Hey Ronda, maybe they "migrated" here!
    John, What would dredging do for your pond?


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