Friday, January 14, 2011

Potter Puppet Theory-Success!

I gave that theory assignment last week, and every single student did it! I was shocked that they could clap, repeat and sing all the puppet parts, in duet, with me on another part. Ok, maybe shocked is too strong. But all of them had gone home and really listened to the rhythm of the voices. Not all of them could write the rhythm on paper, but many of them had the right idea.

One student exclaimed that he'd do theory every week if it could be fun. One of them wanted to go through every part, "and you be the other one, ok? Now you do Hermione!"
This has me thinking. Why did they like it? I believe it was because it was relevant. It was visual and multi-media. And like the young man, I'd like to do that sort of thing every week, and keep it fun!

I think it's time to dip my studio into the land of You Tube. I will need to keep the students anonymous. I will want it to be educational. It needs to be fun! And maybe it needs to be like candy, something you want to partake of, just because it's yummy. And bright colored. And kid friendly. And easy. And imaginative. Oh boy!

I love this challenge. You'll know about it soon. Let's see what these kids and I come up with!

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