Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I Learned about Sheet Rock

1. It's messy.
2. It's hard to work with; bringing it in the house required careful planning and measuring.
3. It's surprisingly fragile.
4. Mudding sucks.
5. Sanding is your friend.
6. Make sure to have a good cordless screwdriver and sheet rock bit so the screw goes into the sheet rock just the right depth.
7. Mark the studs on the ceiling and the floor so you can find them again!
8 Remember to make a storyboard of your lights and outlets and switches so you can find THEM again.
9. Regarding the #8, a Roto-Zip is your friend too. It's a little tool that has a special bit with a cutting blade that cuts in any direction, with beautiful form-fitting holes.
10. Don't even try to get a professionally smooth finish unless this is your day job.
11. Tracking mud into the carpeting is not cool.

Here are the latest pictures of the studio. Progress is slow and steady, just like my healing from the car crash and surgery. We steadily climb, the studio and me, to a whole place, a better place, a lit and warm space. Peace!

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