Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Sabbath

Progress on the studio remodeling is going to take another small hiatus. It had a long one when we went on vacation, but even over the Labor Day weekend, it's important to take a Sabbath. We hope to do something wonderful outside, maybe mini golf?

Here is what I learned about remodeling lately. Switch boxes in homes come in many varieties, and ours is outdated and now a special order. (4-5 days). Carpeting that was available can be discontinued at the drop of a hat. New carpet that will be similar to what we wanted has been ordered from the warehouse and will be in late this week. Our carpet installer is working nights right now and can perhaps install new carpeting on Monday the 13th.

The new lights in the ceiling are commonly referred to as "cans". There will be 8 of them in my office now, including two that will be able to be focused, they will be "eyes", and can move a directional beam onto my music!

We have no idea who finished our basement the first time, but he did a lousy job. We've decided to name him Uncle Fred. There was no insulation in much of this room, poor 1/4" styrofoam "insulation" against the (cold) concrete blocks, and the duct work for the furnace wasn't installed correctly. The outlets were wired backward. We now have new outlets, two per wall, and this room will have its own switch for lights, on a dimmer. And we may need to purchase a new table saw, which died during this process. So, I will have better lighting and heating. I am going to decide paint color early this week.

I will roll the upright piano into our other basement room and teach from there for a week while things are finished. It will not be ideal, but it will be manageable.

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