Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gentle Reminder-- Influenza

This is the email I sent this afternoon.
Welcome back everyone!
With the CDC reporting Influenza A at epidemic levels, and wanting to protect everyone as we share a piano at the studio, I would ask that you please wait the prescribed 5-7 days before returning to the studio if you have been diagnosed with the flu.
This may include missing the recital that is next Sunday afternoon.
That is OK! We will have several opportunities to share our music between now and May. Please stay well, and I'll see you soon.
Chris Wolf

It's a busy month for me!
Jan. 9 - Presiding/presenting at a state level piano teacher meeting
Jan. 10 - I'm judging in Rochester
Jan. 11 - I'm subbing at Gethsemane Lutheran- north Minneapolis
Jan. 11 - Recital at 2:00 p.m. at church across the street
Jan. 19-20 - I take my own kids back to college
Jan. 24 - Festival (some students)
Jan. 31 - I judge at Gustavus, in St. Peter
Jan. 31/Feb. 1 - MMTA Contest, (some students)
Feb. 1 - I judge at Bethel

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