Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Summer Fun List

It's July already. I teach a limited schedule in the summer to make room for mindlessness. My creative side needs sun and space. This is only a reminder, to myself. Maybe I will get more of these enjoyed in the next two months, and more likely, things I didn't even think of will happen too.

Summer Fun List
By Chris Wolf

A Drive-In Movie
Boat Ride
Como Park
County Fair
Dance to My Favorite Song on the Radio, every time!
Dinosaurs at the Zoo
Eat Corn on the Cob
Farmer’s Market
Garage Sale
Go to a Parade
Grow Something
Have a Campfire
Hear a Loon
Hear Live Music
Hold a Baby
Hold a Sparkler
Hunt for Antiques
Learn a new Song/Piece of Music
Make Something (recipe, a birdhouse…)
Maya Exhibit at the Science Museum
Mini Golf
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Museum I’ve Never Seen
Party with Friends
Play a Family Game
Play piano
Read a Book
Ride in a Convertible
Run in a Sprinkler
See a Movie
See a Sunset
Sleep Overnight Somewhere
Spit Watermelon Seeds off the Deck
Stillwater - Segways
Strawberry Picking
Surprise Someone
Take a Meal to someone
Take a Road I’ve Never Taken
Visit Someone Who Doesn’t Expect me
Walk a Path with fresh eyes, with a Camera
Watch Clouds

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