Monday, March 14, 2011


The images of Japan are overwhelming me. I have finished composing one piece, and am moving on to another, but they are from a dark place of deep longing to relieve pain. I had a drink of cool water this morning, in my climate controlled home, put on clean clothes, and knew where my friends and relatives were. This is profoundly significant to me. This is what matters.

But dwelling on the hurt in Japan very long is no help to anyone.

On a different "note", here is a video using the number pi turned into song. It would have been even better if the video had been 3.14 minutes long, after he made such an effort to use the number everywhere else!

I can't seem to find focus today. I find my brain trying to make sense of the devastation. The sheer math of it all, the number of bodies, the miles of tsunami damage, the trillions into the economy, the potential nuclear disaster numbers of particles of radiation in the air, the one volcano rumbling, make me come back to the place of "one". How can we overcome this? One person at a time, one family reunited, one meal provided, one maker over all. That, that I can do, that I can rest in. One prayer I send, one donation I make will make a difference. One moment to stop thinking of myself. We get to carry each other.

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