Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 50th Success

We had such a lovely day on the 15th of May. It was the only nice Saturday of the month, (the Farmer's Almanac was right again.) Dad felt well, Mom looked lovely, and the people came en masse. From 1-4, the line was a block long or more to wish them well. We lost count when the 300 napkins ran out before the four o'clock bell rang. Here are some of my favorite pictures and answers to some silly trivia questions you may have!

What did you do about the powerpoint/pictures issue? Mom and Dad did not want a fuss, as you know. Mom brought a framed picture of both of their one room schoolhouse photos, black and white, and full of memories for the older crowd that had attended multi-grade classrooms. She also brought their wedding picture and the rest of the table had some balloons and a flower bouquet. We didn't have posters or a slideshow, and it didn't feel empty.

What was the best food? Hands down, the bacon wrapped teriyaki chestnuts won the day. The chef warned me that they were "putzy" and expensive, but we ate them by the plate full, and there were only 3 left. Between you and me, they were worth every extra penny. Mom and Dad have been part of a New Year's Eve group of neighbors that get together every year since 1961. (I know, right?) And the chestnuts were mainstays of the bounty of food that sustained them through nights of cards, 500 Rummy, and laughs. The neighbors have long moved from the original neighborhood, even to Arizona, but they still get together. Through marriages, children, long dresses, divorces, different political views and hangovers, they gathered, put their penny antes in the pot, and ate breakfast with bloody Mary and eventually decaf in hand.

My mom counts things - she got 421 cards and sent over 50 thank you notes, despite saying "no gifts, please". Dad was feeling well, and they are now both so glad for the day. Relatives I haven't seen in over 25 years are now Facebook friends, and I treasure learning about their lives. Here are a few pictures that say more than my words could ever convey. I'm so glad it all worked out for the best.


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